Webflow Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons

Our verdict
Webflow is an all-in-one website builder where anyone can create complex designs by dragging and dropping elements easily.
As a result, web designers are moving to Webflow. Webflow offers powerful tools to use to turn high-space designs created in Figma into fully functional websites. It's ideal for users who don't want to write multiple lines of code, but they need a platform that is completely customizable.
Workflow ensures we achieve our goals effectively, making it essential in today's fast-paced world. It's not very difficult to use if you have some basic technical knowledge.

Pros of Webflow

  • No code is needed!
  • Flexibility in customization
  • Built-in hosting and CMS
  • Responsive design capabilities
  • E-commerce integration
  • Webflow has a free plan you can build for testing too

Cons of Webflow

  • Learning curve, especially for new users
  • Dependency on Webflow platform
  • Restrictions on custom code
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Let's explore more about the basic and advanced features of Webflow in our review.

What is Webflow?


Webflow offers a visual drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to design custom styles and layouts. It allows individuals and businesses to create professional websites without needing to write code. Additionally, Webflow provides advanced features such as an integrated CMS (Content Management System), SEO optimizations, e-commerce functionality, and hosting services, making it a comprehensive solution for building and managing websites.

Webflow gives you a good level of control over SEO markup, indexing rules, redirects, and more. It empowers users to implement changes independently and pushes for any changes to go live, bypassing the needs of engineers.

Who benefits from Webflow, and how many users does it have?

Webflow caters to a wide range of users, including designers, developers, freelancers, and businesses seeking to create professional websites without extensive coding knowledge. By 2024, it'll be the top choice for 3.5 million businesses, teams, and designers.

Based on data from Builtwith.com, approx... 482,000 active websites are currently built and hosted on Webflow. Notable clients for the platform include Zendesk, Upwork, and Dell.

So overall, Webflow looks like a safe bet as a website building tool.

Does Webflow have templates?

Webflow provides over 2000 templates, which are customized using Webflow’s in-built code-free design tools.


The templates are categorizes by industry, so it is easy to find a template according to your needs. All templates are also responsive, so they look good on all devices. Webflow also has a great selection of free templates for e-commerce, blogs, businesses, etc.

What are the SEO features available in Webflow?

With its flexible content management tools, Webflow can help you optimize your SEO campaigns. It allows you to manage SEO meta tags, markup, indexing rules, 301 redirects, and other features.

Automated SEO

CMS collection fields can be used to automatically define meta titles and descriptions. It also make it easier to add image metadata (alt text) so that images are screen reader-accessible.

It also has an audit tool that provides SEO recommendations such as missing image alt text, poor heading structure, and so on.

Pricing of Webflow

Webflow offers a variety of plans, ranging from free to beginner and paid, for startups, enterprises, freelancers, and agencies.

The two types of webflow plans are:

a). Site Plans: This plan is for those who want to create a blog, business website, or online store on their own.

b). Workspace Plans: This plan is best suited for professional and freelance web design firms that need to manage multiple projects.

The site plan is again further divided into 2 plans: - General and Ecommerce

The General plan has a free plan along with four paid plans starting at $14/month.

General Plan

The e-commerce plan has three different plans, starting with $29 per month.

Ecommerce plan

After this, there are workspace plans, which are divided into 2 categories: in-house teams, freelancers, & agencies.

In-house team plan

The freelancers & agencies plan also has one free plan along with 2 other paid plans starting at $16 per month.

With All Plans offers, you can access various Webflow features, including responsive designs, animations, and interactions, global swatches, backups, reusable symbols, and more.

How does logic-based workflows work?

Logic is a new approach to automating a website natively. Actions such as routing sales leads, updating user-generated content, connecting with customers, and others can be built right into the site.

The flow editor, which uses a drag-and-drop interface, allows you to set triggers, conditions, and actions to automate everything from email collections to complex marketing assets.

Experience with Webflow's user interface and navigation

First View

Webflow's user interface and navigation is good as any other website builder. When you click the 'Add a Layout' button, you can easily add free or paid templates. It is easier to create complex layouts and animations than Wix.  However, I did not consider it an issue because Webflow offers flexibility and robust features for users who require advanced design capabilities.

Let's add the Free Templete for Example

Templete Sample

There are some steps that we need to complete according to our requirements. like you want to 'Customize Elements' For that, you can customize them using the right-hand panel. Adjust settings such as text style, color, size, and spacing to match your design preferences.

Adjust Settings

After all, Webflow allows you to add animations and interactions to elements on your website. You can create animations triggered by scrolling, mouse movements, or clicks to enhance the user experience. These are the common steps that we need to follow:

All Steps to Websites

Once your website is completely designed, preview it to see how it looks and responds. Use the preview mode to test how your website behaves on different screen sizes.

Publishing website

If you are satisfied with your website, you can publish it to make it live on the web. Webflow provides hosting options, or you can export your code to host it elsewhere.

How good is the webflow marketplace?

Webflow Marketplace

Webflow marketplace is a new innovative beta feature with access to custom libraries and third-party apps. Libraries consist of pre-built systems and layouts created by Webflow creators to streamline your design process. Meanwhile, marketplace apps provide access to third-party apps offering features that are not found natively within Webflow.

There are some feature marketplace offers where you can find apps, libraries, templates, and a whole lot more. Currently, it's still early days. However, the marketplace seems likely to grow larger over time.

Is Webflow good to build an online store?

Across the platform, Webflow provides e-commerce capabilities. Webflow allows you to create an online store. Some of the key e-commerce features we have noted include:

  • Add-to-cart functionality
  • Custom checkout pages
  • Customized shipping
  • Accept payments through PayPal and Stripe
  • Order tracking system
E-commerce Checkout View

If you run a small online store, Webflow's e-commerce features should suffice. However, if you run a more advanced operation, you might want to look into Shopify, which has a more extensive set of advanced e-commerce features.

Webflow Customer Support: Is it good?

Webflow offers a robust library of helpful resources through Webflow University. The available video tutorials cover everything from basic introductions to advanced designs. If you're using Webflow for the first time, it's worth taking the time to watch a few tutorials because they can help you get to know the tool.

If you run into any issues while learning how to use Webflow, you can post them in the community forum. Webflow does not provide live chat or phone support; some users find it satisfactory; however, you can email their support team, and they will get back to you.

Does Webflow have a mobile version?

Webflow, unlike other CMS, does not provide a mobile app for editing content and design. Any changes you make to your website must be made on a desktop or laptop computer.

User reviews of Webflow

Webflow is well-rated by its users, with an average of 4.6/5. The majority of the reviewers are in the creative niche, having moved from large website builders such as Wix, Squarespace, and Sopyfi, which is quite impressive.

4.6/5 in Capterra with 236 reviews
4.7/5 in Trust Pilot with 42 reviews
3.4/5 in G2.com with 34 reviews

Does Webflow have a community?

Yes, the Webflow community is a place where users can share their work, learn new skills, and collaborate with each other to improve their craft.


The community is managed by a dedicated team of professionals, including a Webflow community manager, who strive to create a positive and productive environment for all members. The community manager at Webflow is in charge of moderating the forum, organizing community events, and responding to community members' needs.

Webflow community

Overall, the Webflow community is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance their skills, network with other professionals, and stay current on the latest trends and best practices in web design and development.

What are the best alternatives to Webflow?

Wix is targeted at beginners, whereas Webflow is aimed at professionals. So if you are a newbie Webflow might be very tricky to get started with. But Wix will be much better as it focuses on newbies.

Dorik is also a no-code website builder platform, enabling users to develop websites without the need for coding. There is strong competition for webflow, with many AI-generated websites like this.

Frequently Asked Questions About Webflow

What makes Webflow unique?

Webflow stands out with its no-code approach, visual design interface, extensive customizability, built-in CMS, integration capabilities, and hosting, it's making a unique and versatile platform for creating websites.

What is CMS in Webflow?

CMS stands for Content Management System. It's a feature that allows users to create, manage, and update dynamic content on their websites, such as blog posts, product listings, and user profiles, without needing to write code.

Can we create multiple websites on Webflow for free?

The free account allows you to create and publish up to two websites. if you need to create and publish more, you'll need to upgrade to the Lite plan or higher. The Lite plan allows you to have up to ten websites, making it ideal for users who need to manage multiple website projects.

What types of websites are best suited for building with Webflow?

Webflow's customizable features and design flexibility make it ideal for creating a variety of websites, including portfolios, business sites, e-commerce stores, blogs, agency platforms, marketing campaigns, educational sites, and more.

How user-friendly is webflow for beginners?

Webflow is relatively user-friendly for beginners because it's an easy drag-and-drop website builder. Overall, it's accessible for beginners willing to invest time in learning.