17 Travel Photography Websites examples for Inspiration

We've got something that's going to fuel your wanderlust like never before. Dive into these 17 stunning travel photography portfolios for the ultimate inspiration for your next getaway.

Who knows? They might just spark your passion for capturing the beauty of the world through your lens, encouraging you to start your very own travel photography website. After all, they say never say never, right?

Carmen Huter

Travel website by Carmen Hunter

This website is a prime example of travel photography, crafted by the acclaimed travel photographer Carmen Hunter. It guides visitors on an exhilarating visual expedition of outdoor adventures, from the majestic Alps to the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland, showcasing top-notch imagery.

Follyhood by Justin Morris

Justin Morris’s Photography Portfolio 

Justin Morris’s love for the ocean and for photography started in 2010 when he was first introduced to surf photography. His drool worthy travel photography portfolio will give you all the inspiration you need to grab your swim trunks and surfboard and head over to the beach in an instant! 

Philip Nguyen

Travel photography website by Philip Nguyen

Phil is a dynamic and passionate creative force, celebrated for his role in the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. With an impressive career spanning over seven years, Phil has traveled the globe, bringing brands and their stories to life through his expert photography and videography. His travel portfolio stands as a testament to his exceptional skill and creative vision, making it a highlight in the realm of visual storytelling.

Misha Martin

Misha Martin’s Photography Portfolio

Born and raised in Poland, Misha Martin is an internationally recognized and awarded landscape and travel photographer, currently based in Iceland. His adventure and travel photography portfolio includes jaw-dropping visuals of ice caves, auroras and erupting volcanoes! Get inspired to embark on your own adventure because Misha’s photo galleries are a must-see for every thrill-seeker!

Harold Feng

Harold Feng’s Photography Portfolio

Canadian photographer Harold Feng sees photography as a way to explore the world while fascinating and educating people about the places he visits. His travel photography portfolio contains visuals from Australia, the Americas, Europe and more. Harold focuses on the landscapes more than the people which gives his photos a sense of timeless mystique.

Romeyes Photography by Romain Petitfour

Romain Petitfour’s Photography Portfolio

French photographer Romain Petitfour’s love for travel is fuelled by his passion for exploring the world and meeting new people. From the idyllic French countryside to the wildlands of Canada and Norway, Romain’s extensive travel photography portfolio is sure to give you unlimited travel inspiration!

Leroy Souhuwat

Leroy Souhuwat’s Photography Portfolio

Leroy is a Fuji X photographer based in Reykjavik, Iceland. His photographs of the stark black volcanic rocks and icy blue seas of Iceland are simply stunning. He also photographs wildlife and urban landscapes. High contrast and an imposing sense of scale are the mainstays of his photography portfolio.

Scott Medway

Scott Medway’s Portfolio Website

Scott Medway is an American photographer based in NYC with a penchant for travel. His stunning travel photographs will take you from the American Southwest, to Morocco, Italy and Greece. Get your passport ready because one look at Scott’s website and you will not be able to contain yourself!

Onebreath Images by Louis Ruben

Louis Ruben’s Photography Portfolio

Louis Ruben grew up between the Australian far north and the Pacific islands. His love for the ocean is evident in his photographs that offer a glimpse into the true, chaotic beauty of the ocean. His surf and longboarding photographs are sure to make you crave the salt and splash of the ocean and its waves.

Ethan Andrews

Ethan Andrew’s Photography Portfolio

Ethan is an incredibly talented, young photographer and at just 19, he has already managed to woo us with his stunning travel photos. Shortly after graduating high school, this teenager set off on a road trip across the United States, covering 19+ different US states and 10+ National Parks in just under 35 days. Ethan's stunning landscape and street photography shows you a whole new side of America. 

Andrew Furney

Andrew Furney’s Photography Portfolio

Andrew Furney is a Chicago photographer with a mission and that mission is to inspire the wanderlust in others! Head over to his photography portfolio to take a look at some spectacular landscapes, impactful cityscapes and some fuzzy wildlife photos!

Nate Luebbe

Nate Luebbe’s Photography Portfolio

Nate Luebbe’s photography is a breathtaking reminder of how beautiful our planet really is. His landscape and astrophotography are truly awe-inspiring. Nate also frequently conducts adventure workshops for people looking to escape the city life and embrace nature for a few days. Can there be a more sure sign for you to go find your camera and hiking shoes?

Camera Calling by Gabriel Costa Ijui

Camera Calling by Gabriel Costa Ijui

There is no place on earth Gabriel Costa Ijui won’t visit. This intrepid photographer has visited the radioactive wastelands of Chernobyl, the Sahara desert and many more unusual and even hostile landscapes. Through his project Camera Calling, Gabriel attempts to share stories through photographs. Be sure to take a look at his website and his stories!

Progress in Art by David Granger

David Granger’s Photography Portfolio

David Granger is always trying to find escape in travel. Exploring other places and cultures, and people and capturing all of this through his camera lens is his newfound passion. He shoots not just landscapes and nature but also people whom he finds to be one of the most important aspects of exploring new places. It is nearly impossible to not be bitten by the travel bug going through David’s photos!

Dale Turner

Dale Turner’s Photography Portfolio

Dale Turner is an Australian photographer based out of Adelaide. While his landscape photography is amazing, what Dale really stands out for is his astrophotography. His mesmerizing star trails and night sky photos make us want to drop everything and rush to the nearest dark sky spot immediately!

Richard Coty

Richard Coty’s Photography Portfolio

Boston based photographer Richard Coty is incredibly talented and his numerous awards and recognitions definitely show that. His urban landscapes are raw and impactful. Richard doesn’t hesitate in showcasing the detritus and decay of the urban jungle but also manages to display a soft, muted beauty.

Stuart Crawford

Stuart Crawford’s Photography Portfolio

Stuart Crawford is a Scotland born Canadian photographer whose goal is to inspire more people to go out, explore the outdoors and find adventure in the natural world. We guarantee that his stunning landscapes and wildlife photography will motivate you to dust off those hiking shoes and explore the great outdoors!