Wix Review (2024) – Is Wix Good? Key Features, Pros & Cons

Wix is unarguably one of the most popular in website builder space with over 220 million users worldwide. We took an in-depth look to find out how Wix got so much popularity, or the name is just part of their healthy marketing budget. 

Our Verdict

Wix is a user-friendly, all-in-one no-code website builder catering to businesses, bloggers, and online stores, offering hundreds of templates, built-in SEO and marketing tools, and eCommerce features, making it an ideal choice for small businesses and those on a budget.

Wix's hosted solution operates in the cloud, ensuring reliability,accessibility and fast loading website for you. While it may not be tailored to specific niches, its extensive features and drag-and-drop editor make it suitable for various professions and businesses.

Wix has one of the best SEO capabilities out of the website builders we have tested. It also has an AI-based website builder (Wix ADI), and offers a range of apps and templates to enhance customization.
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What is Wix?

Wix is an all-in-one website builder for creating websites for your business, blog or online store, even if you don't have coding or design experience. With Wix, you don’t have to buy any hosting or install software. Wix is a hosted solution which runs in the cloud on their own servers. 

Wix is popular between small business owners and bloggers who are looking to build their website with a limited budget. Wix offers hundreds of ready to use templates, built- in SEO features, marketing tools, ecommerce features, and 200+ integrations, all at affordable plans. While some website builders aim at a specific audience,  (Pixieset for photographers, and Shopify for store owners) Wix probably covers everything under one roof. When I signed up with Wix, I could see all the categories with templates dedicated for each category to start with. 

Wix User Base and statistics

Wix is an Israeli software company founded in 2006 by developers Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan. They currently have close to 5000 employees and a revenue over $1billion. 

According to Wix’s website, they have over 220 millions users worldwide who are using the platform to build their website online. However, Builtwith.com data shows that Wix currently powers over 8.5 million websites. Largest number of Wix users are from the United States, Brazil and UK and the fewest users are recorded in Svalbard and Bhutan.

According to Simliarweb, Wix currently gets over 50.3M visitors every month. 

Though Wix is not a tailored made solution for a specific niche, small businesses and bloggers are their core user base due to their huge arsenal of SEO and marketing tools.

With their huge user base, team and revenue, Wix is a trustable platform to build your website with them without worrying about organization folding. 

Who is Wix best suited for?

Wix is for anyone who is looking to build their website without any coding knowledge or spend hefty money on web development agencies. Wix is a popular option between all professions and businesses, because of the user-friendly platform, drag and drop features and marketing tools available at their fingertips without having to spend over third party tools. But, with a lot of niche websites out there, an all-in-one solution might not make sense for everyone. I would suggest

Wix for small businesses and bloggers.Most of Wix’s features and templates seemed to be well-suited for small businesses to showcase their services, about section and testimonials.  

For service oriented businesses, Wix offers scheduling software to manage bookings, financial solutions send price quotes and invoices, create membership packages, staff schedule management system and more. They have bookings analytics feature to track site traffic, staff performance and booking overview to review top services. You can also accept payment in 40+ currencies, with a number of leading payment providers like Wix payments, PayPal, Stripe, Alipay etc.

For bloggers, Wix is packed with a lot of marketing and SEO tools to drive traffic and monetize the website effectively. Wix has one of the fastest worldwide CDN which is very reliable for traffic spikes and loading performance.

Wix has advanced SEO tools to increase traffic from engines and rank your content. You can also translate content to multiple languages to reach a wider audience. One of the handy features I used with Wix was to send newsletter and automatic emails all within Wix. I was relying on Mailchimp earlier to send a newsletter where I was paying for a third party platform. 

You can easily add Google AdSense to show ads and monetize your blogs. If you are someone who is planning  to sell exclusive content or webinars, you can easily set up a paywall and subscription feature with Wix. 

Apart from these, Wix is good for eCommerce websites, creating online portfolios, restaurant websites or even creating your fitness website to manage your classes and clients all within a platform. However, there are a lot of niche website builders for these categories that would make more sense to opt for. For eg: Shopify for ecommerce, Pixpa for portfolios or Bentobox for restaurant websites. 

What are the key features of Wix?

Feature list of Wix is so huge that I could work on a new article around it! I will list out a few features that stood out for me with Wix! 

Drag and Drop website editor 

Wix’s drag and drop editor is one the best we have tested so far. You can drag any element from their menu to your website. It sort of works like a powerpoint but with a better UI. Wix’s blank Canvas would simply blow you away with the level customization you can do just with drag and drop. Interactive elements, images, gallery, buttons, strip, light box,pre-made blocks, there is literally everything for you to go creative with your website. 

Advanced SEO tools and functionalities

Wix’s advanced SEO capabilities are the reason why small businesses and bloggers prefer Wix over other website builders. You can easily modify meta tags, URL structures, add structured data markup and even apply it across multiple pages instead of editing everything individually. They provide Google Search Console integration to verify your domain and create properties in GSC all within the Wix dashboard.

Wix also has a URL redirect manager to set redirection for single URL or at bulk easily through their dashboard. You can also do more customization to your code with Velo APIs. For beginners, there is a huge list of tailored SEO checklists to build a strong SEO foundation to your website. 

Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence)

Now when everything revolves around AI, Wix was in the game years ahead. Wix ADI is an AI website builder feature within the platform to simplify website creation. Wix ADI will ask a set of questions during onboarding and create a website for you based on your answers. However, you cannot choose your preferred template or have freedom for designing with Wix ADI. 

App Market

Like WordPress, Wix has a wide range of apps that can be added to their Wix website. 

Huge list of website templates

Wix offers a huge list of 800+ website templates according to their websites. Most of the templates are well categorized based on your profession or purpose. However, we didn’t feel the templates to be unique, but more of a mix and match to put the numbers up.  You can also start with a blank template and start building from scratch if you are not happy with their pre-designed Wix templates. 

Wix Code

Wix code allows users to create more unique and interactive websites by adding dynamic elements, customizing user forms, connecting visual elements to datasets, using third party APIs etc even without extensive coding knowledge. 

We had low expectations when testing out Wix code, but we were amazed by how efficient it was for eliminating the time consuming tasks like setting development environment and managing servers, and providing a lot of flexibility in building the website without much technical knowledge. 

Built-in analytics

Wix’s analytics features are one of the best we have tried out recently. The analytics doesn't just stick to website traffic. It gives detailed analysis on the revenue by breaking down your transactions, geography, sources etc.  

By using the analytics dashboard, users can gain valuable insights into which products or services are performing well, compare sales data over time, and make informed decisions to optimize their online stores.

Wix mobile app

Wix mobile app is a well-rounded solution to manage your website, or your ecommerce store on the go through their mobile devices.

Users can handle their inventory, orders, create invoices and handle payments easily with mobile app. You can also manage service appointment bookings, access live chat functionality and host of other features to help with your busy schedules and going to your desktop everytime.  

Wix Pricing - Is Wix free?

Yes, Wix offers free plan. However, you would need to purchase their plan use your custom domain name and suite of other features.

These are the pricing available:

Free plan: – $0

Light plan: – $16/month

Core plan: – $27/month

Business: – $32/month

Business Elite: – $159/month

Enterprise: – Custom pricing

What is Wix Ascend?

Ascend by Wix is a suite of marketing and business tools offered separately from the Wix pricing plans. Ascend offers 16+ tools including email marketing, social media tools and a handful of other marketing tools. Ascend by Wix is really convenient when you are trying to streamline everything at one place. 

However, you can easily find free alternatives if you are a small business. For bigger businesses who want to use their email marketing features, Ascend falls short on providing features like spam score checking and A/B testing.  

What is Editor X by Wix?

Editor X might sound similar to Wix code, but Editor X is more like a separate website builder within Wix for professional designers and developers who want to build advanced websites with a flexible design interface. 

You can create a dynamic website with full-breakpoint control to define every element. It also offers team collaboration features to add live feedback, assign roles and set roles and permissions. You can custom code everything, write Javascript and connect external APIs to extend the website's functionality. 

What are the best alternatives to Wix ?

Squarespace is a good alternative if you are looking to build a business website, and offers similar features provided by Wix. If you are looking to build an ecommerce website, Shopify is a good alternative with lots of dedicated features to manage ecommerce stores.

Check out our article on Wix alternatives to browse all the alternatives based affordability, profession, needs and requirements. Wix Review FAQ 

Is wix good for small business?

Wix is an excellent choice of building websites for small businesses. They have a wide range of website templates dedicated to small businesses. Wix’s strong focus on SEO and marketing features makes a good choice overall.

Is Wix safe?

Wix has multiple layers of security architecture and firewalls in place to prevent any security breaches or unauthorized access. Wix is a safe choice to build your website.

Is Wix good for blogging?

Wix has a good collection of blog templates, offers industry best SEO capabilities to rank your websites and interface is user friendly for bloggers.

Is there a free version of wix?

While Wix do offer a free plan, you will not be able to connect your custom domain and Wix ad would be there on every page. 

Should I hire a Wix professional?

Wix professionals are certified freelancers and agencies who can build your website with Wix. If you have a budget and enhance your website design and functionality, you can hire Wix professionals.