9 Most Attractive No-Code Website Templates (2024)

Starting your own website? We've found 9 of the most attractive professional website templates we have found in the internet that you can create with a website builder. Good part? You do not need any coding knowledge to mimic designs like these.

1.Rotate - By Squarespace

Best for music, photography, dance schools and gym website

The Rotate template by Squarespace, with its dynamic design and vibrant color palette, is an exceptional choice for music, photography, dance schools, and gym websites. Its visual-first layout captures attention, while the intuitive navigation seamlessly guides visitors through schedules, classes, and merchandise, catering to the energetic and community-centric nature of these businesses.

2.Urban - by Pixpa

Best for creating portfolio websites

The Pixpa template, with its cutting-edge design, is a good choice for creatives seeking to showcase their portfolio. Its sleek interface, characterized by dynamic typography and a clean layout, highlights photos on hover. Urban is perfect for photographers, designers, and artists to present their work with a futuristic edge.

3.AI Company - By Wix

Best for AI startups, futuristic products and business websites

This Wix template offers a sleek, modern aesthetic ideal for businesses that stand at the forefront of innovation. With a focus on the future of technology, it's perfect for startups and tech firms looking to promote revolutionary products, capturing the essence of progress in every pixel.

4.Ride - By Shopify

Best for online store

This Shopify template is a stellar choice for online retailers, with a bold, image-centric design that brings products to life. It’s specifically tailored for stores with a vibrant inventory, like surfboards, where visuals are key to conversion, ensuring every product catches the wave of customer interest.

5.Azzle - Elementor theme for WordPress

Best for SaaS, Tech startup

Azle's Elementor template for WordPress is perfectly engineered for SaaS and tech startups. It simplifies the user experience while showcasing sophisticated products and services. Its streamlined design and AI-integration highlight are ideal for companies that value innovation, functionality, and cutting-edge technology in their online presence.

6.Church Community - By Duda

Best for church, charity, non-profit organization websites

Church Community by Duda radiates warmth and community spirit, making it an excellent choice for churches and non-profit organizations. Its design prioritizes connection and accessibility, inviting engagement through vivid imagery and clear, welcoming messages. It’s tailored to foster a sense of belonging and support online community building.

7.Adeline - By Zyro

Best for building resume for designers, illustrators and other creatives

Zyro's Adeline template is a creative's dream, offering a unique blend of personality and professionalism. Its vibrant design and playful elements perfectly embody the spirit of designers and illustrators, ensuring their resumes stand out. This template is the canvas for those who craft visual stories and want to make a bold statement.

8.Alma - By Bandzoogle

Best for musicians and band websites

Alma by Bandzoogle is the quintessential website template for musicians and bands, providing a rich, immersive audiovisual experience. It captures the essence of an artist's work and personality with stylish layouts and features like integrated music players, making it an outstanding choice for showcasing discographies and connecting with fans.

9.Source - By Ghost

Best for blogging and news websites