7 Best Coffee Shop Website designs (2024)

Be it a restaurant or coffee shop, having a website for your business is one of the best marketing tool you can easily have in your arsenal. With tons of website builders out there, you can easily create your own website, update images, testimonials, offer updates and events on the go.

Best Coffee Shop Websites

If you have made up your mind on creating a website for your coffee shop, here are our top 7 coffee shop websites to take inspiration for your website design.

1.Republic of Pie - Built with Squarespace

Republic of Pie is a bakery and coffee house located at North Hollywood's NoHo Arts District.

This Squarespace website nails it with its crisp imagery and minimalist design. It's inviting, user-friendly, and the direct "Order Pie" button is a smart touch for driving sales—truly a tasteful and effective layout for a coffee shop's online presence.

Visit website: https://www.republicofpie.com/

2.The Coffee Place - Built by Pixpa

Though this is not an actual coffee shop, This beautiful mockup created by Pixpa show the earthly tone of coffee in a fullbleed textured background. It strikes a balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality—essential for a coffee shop's online allure. The navigation is straightforward and the social media links are well-placed, making for a user-friendly experience that feels as inviting as the coffee they're showcasing.

Visit Website: https://shade.pixpa.com/

3.Summer Moon Coffee - Built with Shopify

Summer Moon Coffee is founded by closely-knit family and friends in Texas Hill Country, to create a distinctive, out-of-this-world, experience that people drive across town for. An experience to be shared through coffee + atmospheres.

The dark backdrop with white text on the homepage emphasizes their unique selling point—wood-fired coffee—immediately capturing interest. The product page is straightforward and visually pleasing, showcasing their coffee varieties with a clear, earth-toned design that aligns with their brand identity. The "Our Story" section beautifully narrates their heritage, inviting visitors to connect with their roots.

Visit website: https://summermooncoffee.com/

4.Treme Coffeehouse - Built with Wix

The Treme Coffeehouse website embodies New Orleans' heart with vibrant colors and local imagery, inviting storytelling that fosters community connection. Its clear, user-friendly layout, consistent branding, and interactive features make it a standout digital storefront, resonating with the city's unique cultural tapestry and coffeehouse authenticity.

Visit website:https://www.thetremecoffeehouse.com/

5.Federal Cafe - Custom made website

The Federal Cafe's website is a perfect blend of minimalism and warmth, capturing the cafe's specialty in coffee and brunch. With its inviting tagline "Get Fed," the site offers an easy-to-navigate layout that mirrors the cozy, friendly vibe of their Kiwi and Aussie-inspired hangouts.

The website's clean aesthetic, coupled with vibrant photos and engaging content, reflects the cafe's commitment to quality and customer service, inviting users to explore their offerings and making it an excellent example of effective web design in the hospitality industry. They have used WordPress for CMS and Shopify for eCommerce Integration

Visit website: https://federalcafe.co.uk/

6.Ancoats Coffee Co. - Built with WordPress

The Ancoats Coffee Co. website is a masterclass in modern web design, showcasing their specialty as Manchester coffee roasters and suppliers. It offers an immersive experience into the coffee culture with its rich, earth-toned color palette, engaging visuals, and accessible navigation. The site effectively communicates their passion for coffee sourcing and roasting, while also emphasizing sustainability. The layout is clean yet informative, inviting users to explore their products, learn about coffee craft, and connect with the brand's story, making it an exemplary digital presence in the artisan coffee scene.

Visit website: https://www.ancoats-coffee.co.uk/

7.HeyDay - Built by Pixpa

The Heyday template from Pixpa is an excellent choice for coffee shop websites, particularly due to its effective use of white space. This design feature helps in creating a clean, uncluttered look that focuses attention on the important aspects of the website, like the café menu. The template’s customizable nature allows for the creation of a beautiful, easy-to-navigate menu, showcasing the coffee shop's offerings in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

This combination of white space utilization and menu design capabilities makes the Heyday template a perfect fit for stylish and modern coffee shop websites.

Visit template: https://heyday.pixpa.com

Checklist for building a coffee shop website

  1. Include Café Videos: Engage customers with real-time visuals of your café.
  2. Concise Café Descriptions: Briefly describe your business for better customer understanding.
  3. Special Ingredients Showcase: Highlight unique ingredients or products you offer.
  4. Customer Testimonials: Use reviews to build trust and attract new customers.
  5. Ambiance Photography: Give a visual taste of your café's atmosphere.
  6. Streamlined Design: Ensure a clean, well-organized website layout.
  7. Ample Visual Content: Use photos to enhance the appeal of your products.
  8. Succinct Copywriting: Communicate effectively with minimal words to persuade customers.
  9. Interactive Menu: Offer an online, interactive menu for easy browsing.
  10. Blog Section: Share coffee-related articles, updates, and news.
  11. Social Media Integration: Connect your social media channels for broader engagement.
  12. Online Reservations: Allow customers to book tables online.
  13. Loyalty Programs: Promote customer loyalty programs on your site.
  14. Event Calendar: Display upcoming events or coffee workshops.
  15. E-commerce Integration: Enable online purchasing of products or gift cards.
  16. Accessibility Features: Ensure your website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.
  17. Optimize for SEO: Use location based keyword to rank your website

Best website builders to build your coffee shop website

Most of the cafe websites that we have gone through are built with Squarespace. Squarespace have beautiful templates to easily built cafe/coffee shop website.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative that has good templates as Squarespace, Pixpa is a good option. Pixpa is specifically made for creating portfolios, and offers 100+ professionally designed templates. Most of the items mentioned in our coffee shop website checklist can be easily implemented using Pixpa.


How can I showcase my coffee shop's ambiance online?

Use high-quality images and virtual tours to visually represent your space.

Q: What features should my coffee shop website include?

Essential features include an online menu, booking system, customer reviews, event announcement section, offer popups, and e-commerce capabilities.