7 Best Pixpa Templates for Photographers (2024)

Pixpa is one of the best website builder available for photographers. They have 150+ templates designed for creatives to build their portfolio websites. We have reviewed their website themes and shortlisted our 7 favorite Pixpa templates for photographers in 2024.

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What is Pixpa?

Pixpa is a no-code website builder for photographers and creatives to build beautiful portfolio websites. Pixpa is a go-to platform for photographers with hundreds of templates and dedicated features like client gallery, ecommerce and photo gallery app.

Which Pixpa template should I choose?

If you are a growing or established photographer who is looking to showcase photography portfolio, most of the templates would easily suit you. You can select a template which highlights images.

If you are looking looking to promote a photography event, fund raising, promoting a single product or want to showcase everything under a single page, you can filter the templates by one-page. There are templates like Firebrand and Revel which are good for one-page websites.

If you are looking to build a photographer resume website, you can use templates like Porto or Astro

Factors to consider while choosing a photography website template

Template that matches style and aesthetic of your photography
Responsive templates that are mobile-friendly
Ability to make easy customization to layout
Keep track of load speed of the page with Page speed insights tool
SEO friendliness, marketing features and integration capabilities

List of best Pixpa templates for photographers

We have reviewed all the website templates Pixpa has to offer and shortlisted 7 of the best photography templates that we loved!

1.Urban - Pixpa template for photographers

The hover effect on the template subtly highlights photos when you mouse over them, making your portfolio interactive and engaging.

The Urban template from Pixpa stands out for its simplicity and clean design, making it a solid choice for photographers. The hovering effect is one of the best we have seen in portfolio templates.

2.Bay - Pixpa template for photographers

dynamic, full-screen layout giving a bold look

The Bay template from Pixpa is designed to make a strong visual impact, ideal for photographers who want to captivate their audience immediately. Its full-screen layout showcases photos in a striking manner, ensuring they grab attention from the first glance.

Bay template screenshot - Pixpa

3.Embed - Pixpa template for photographers

Interactive galleries with a slider on hero section

The Embed template from Pixpa is great for photographers who want a simple yet effective website. Its hidden menu keeps your pages uncluttered, letting your photos be the main focus.

The photo grids are not just for show; they make looking through your work easy and fun for visitors. This design is all about showing off your images in a straightforward, user-friendly way.

4.Titan- Pixpa template for photographers

Three-image layout in the hero section to highlight style/expertise

The Titan template from Pixpa excels for photographers aiming to make a strong visual statement right at the outset. Its hero section, featuring a three-image layout, allows you to showcase a trio of your best works simultaneously, offering a glimpse into your style and range.

5.Revel - Pixpa template for photographers

One-page website with elegant and functional grid layout

The Revel template from Pixpa is particularly suited for photographers who are looking for a one-page website with a diverse range of images to display. Its grid layout arranges your photos neatly, making it easy for viewers to browse through your collection.

Revel - Pixpa template
Revel - Pixpa template

6.Sepia - Pixpa template for photographers

Classic single-column layout with spacious margins

The Sepia template from Pixpa appeals to photographers who prefer a classic and refined presentation. Its single-column layout provides a linear narrative to your photo display, guiding viewers through your work in a focused manner. The generous use of space around each image enhances visual appeal, allowing each photo to stand out.

.Sepia - Pixpa template
.Sepia - Pixpa template

7.Bunch - Pixpa template for photographers

Masonry-style grid layout presents a visually dynamic and varied display,

The Bunch template from Pixpa is an excellent choice for photographers who want to add a creative twist to their online portfolio. Its masonry-style grid breaks the monotony of traditional layouts, allowing images of different sizes and orientations to fit together in an aesthetically pleasing puzzle.

Bunch - Pixpa template
Bunch - Pixpa template

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