WebWave Review 2024 – Pros & Cons, and Who Should Use it

WebWave looks just as good as how Photoshop is good as a graphic design software. But can it compete with the new age no code website builders with their crowded cockpit like interface. Find out in our detailed review

Our Verdict
WebWave offers 72 templates which are well designed with good animation and hover affect. However the templates are limited and does not cater many categories unless you make good amount of edits to the page design. Even though WebWave have a drag-and-drop interface, they use layers to make design edits which is not beginner friendly. WebWave also offers AI writer and SEO analyzer which we loved trying out.

Pros of WebWave

  • Offers ecommerce and mail box support
  • You can place elements on anywhere on the website like Photoshop or Canva
  • Photoshop users might feel it easier to use with Layer based interface
  • Good customer service and active responses or community threads
  • Frequent product updates and stable environment
  • Provides automatic backups and free SSL certificates
  • AI writer and SEO Analyzer works well

Cons of WebWave

  • Can add more website templates categorized by business type
  • Doesn't have a full-fledge video tutorials
  • Navigation inside the builder is tricky and would take time to find some functions
  • Mobile designs are not automatically optimized
  • User review reports that page load speeds in Asia, especially Korea, Japan, and China, are slower than in the US and Europe.
  • Limited app integrations
  • Not beginner friendly
  • Outdated UI design
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What is WebWave?

WebWave is a website builder for users at all levels of web design expertise. You can easily create a no code website with their pre-built templates, Start with an AI website builder or do your website design thing starting from scratch.

WebWave offers good eCommerce capabilities, an inbuilt AI writer and SEO Analyzer tool which seemed to be a standout feature for us. WebWave also offers good customer support and clean onboarding steps and video tutorial which felt very welcoming and to get to know the user interface.

Who is WebWave for? Who should avoid it

WebWave caters the general audience and doesn't focus on a specific niche. There are templates for business, ecommerce, portfolios, landing page and more, though the pre-made template section is quite limited.

WebWave for web designers: WebWave takes the middle ground of needing some knowledge with design elements while taking a no code approach. If you are web designer, who have some technical skills but lack coding knowledge, WebWave would be perfect for you. Chances are you might be familiar with Photoshop, and WebWave offers an interface simliar to it with highly customizable options.

For small business: If you run a small business, you can easily create your business website with the collection of premade templates they have. You can also easily edit the templates with the images or your brand assets with click and edit approach. WebWave also have inbuilt AI writer and SEO Analyzer, which makes it ideal for ranking in Google and create good website copy to convert visitors.

For Advertisers: WebWave's $3.5 would be an ideal choice for advertisers who are looking to build a landing page for PPC Ads. This plans only lets you create a one page website while providing access to the main product dashboard and AI tools.

❌If you are looking to build a ecommerce website, the features WebWave currently offers are limited and you can build a decent ecommerce website elsewhere with dedicated website builders like Shopify.

❌WebWave is also not a good choice for building portfolio websites as there are many dedicated portfolio website builders with more features than what WebWave is offering at a fraction of the cost.

User Interface

Once you sign up with WebWave, the first step of onboarding provides three options to build your website.

  • Choose a template (Default screen)
  • Generate with AI
  • Start with AI

Walk-through: Choose a template

We counted the number of templates listed under 'all' to 73. Most of the templates are focused for building small business websites. Though the templates are decent to design small business websites, They didn't sound quite intriguing to go with, compared to the templates offered by other website builders that we have reviewed.

We also found some badly listed templates that do not have any images or demo mockups listed. WebWave could also build more categories and subcategories from the 6 that are listed here.

Once you select the template, you land on their builder dashboard which looks something like Photoshop.

Interface is unlike anything that we have seen so far! You would not see any block based designs with WebWave. Though it may look difficult to get a hang of their page builder, they have guide onboarding process and a video onboarding with step by step tutorial. This was really helpful to familiarize with the interface. You can easily style elements resize the items, and accurately align the items.

WebWave's builder offers easy drag and drop editor and we can move any section by drag. Content edits are also easy. You get a suite of options to make edits to the font which we would see in Microsoft word.

You can adjust the canvas size with a slider at the side of the screen to see how your website would look in mobile devices. You can also enter your own pixel value for up to to 4 devices.

You can find advanced dynamic units for height and width, but it is highly unlikely that users would use these capabilities.

WebWave also offers an AI writer where you can select the content type, tone and idea on the topic. There is also an option to tick 'Optimize for SEO' where you can optimize the content to rank in Google searches. Quality of AI generated content seemed to be good and content is generated reasonably fast.

There is a huge list of language versions available in Webwave which would come really handy if you are looking to build a multilingual website or your audience are in different countries.

Unlike most websites with drag-and-drop editors and limited pre-made animations or affects, WebWave impressed use with the features that can make website interactive.

You can:

  • Fix elements on scroll in any place of the website
  • Smooth animations with display on scroll
  • Add variety of mouse hover affects
  • Buttons to popup new content or elements without page reload
  • Parallax scroll, Ken Burns effect, animated sliders, zoom in hover affects on galleries etc.

Is WebWave good for building an online store?

WebWave offers ecommerce feature in their platform, however the templates they offer for the ecommerce are very limited. Currently there are only 5 templates listed in the ecommerce template section.

WebWave is good if you put time to designing your website on your own. The design features has endless possibilities with the layer based interface. You can easily set availability, prices, set colors and versions for the product.

There is a good range of features for adding products. You can add product name, gross price, tax, product description etc. in the 'add product' section.
Other sections include:

  • Message sent after purchase: You can send a link or preset message once the purchase is made
  • Product variants: Products can be sold in different colors, variants etc
  • Track quantity: Quantity of products can be tracked to maintain stock order
  • Define the weight: You can set weight of the product and set shipping method based on the weight

WebWave also have capabilities to sell digital products like, courses, eBooks, training plans etc. You can automate the selling process for digital products. There is an option to complementary product or suggest additional products once the purchase is made.

What are the Integrations available in WebWave?

WebWave offers third party integrations and you can also paste third party code in HTML element in the section. The number of integrations available is very limited and the integration page looks quite outdated. Help section for the first integration, which is AddThis also gave a 404 page

Current integrations listed are:

  1. AddThis - (Currently not working)
  2. Bandcamp - Add music player
  3. CallPage - Offers pop-up window offering a free call from customer service
  4. Chater.Biz
  5. Disqus
  6. Facebook
  7. FreshMail
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Google Calendar
  10. Google Custom Search
  11. Google Fonts
  12. Google Maps
  13. Google Tag Manager
  14. ISSUU
  15. LiveChat
  16. MailerLite
  17. Shopify
  18. Snazzy Maps
  19. Ecwid
  20. Tawk.to
  21. Typeform
  22. Upmenu

What are the SEO and marketing features available in WebWave?

WebWave offers all the SEO and Marketing features which are common in most website builders. One stand out feature would be Automatic SEO analyzer where it gives you a good checklist, does basic audits and makes meaningful suggestions based on for which page or keyword you are looking to optimize.

Image source: Webwave SEO Analyzer page

You can check meta tags, headers, sitemaps, keyword saturations, Image alt tags, content length, Link profile etc which is really good because you do not need to add a third party SEO tool and everything comes in-built.

Pricing plans of WebWave

WebWave offers 4 plans including free plan and 3 paid plans. Following are the plans in monthly rate which are billed annually. There might be additional taxes during the purchase. WebWave also offers 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the product.

  • Starter plan - $3.5/month
  • Pro plan - $10/month (50% discount available)
  • Business plan - $15/month (50% discount available)

With Starter plan, you can only create a one page website or a landing page, without blog, ecommerce or multilingual support. All paid plan comes with Free .com domain for one year.

As of February 2024, WebWave has the following pricing plan listed on their website.

Does WebWave have a good support and community?

WebWave have a closed group in Facebook with 1.7k members. There were 33 posts made in January 2024 which points that Facebook community is active.

Their community on website wis also active with lots of threads abbout the updates and feature requests. https://vote.webwave.me/

Most of the review around WebWave mentions about having good experience with the customer support which is quite good. They however doesn't seem to have an active live chat support which is common with new website builders in the market.

There is a chat popup where you can add your website, note and their support team will be contacting you via email.

User reviews of WebWave

WebWave averages 4.5/5 rating in many of the trustable review platforms. The new reviews are less compared to Q1 of 2023 which we assume that their new user acquisition might have slowed down.

4.6/5 in G2.com with 111 reviews
4.7/5 in Capterra with 777 reviews
8.7/10 in TrustRadius with 56 reviews

What are the best alternatives to WebWave?

If you are looking to build a business website, then Wix offers a huge array of marketing tools and dedicated website templates. You can use Shopify to build your online store, and Pixpa for building portfolio websites.